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Symbolic Records Company Private Limited is an Arts and Entertainment Related Private Company in Republic of Maldives. Main Artists in the record label are Pest, Edil, Bey, Ledow, Jahulu, Arey, Maatu, Emp, Rydey, Teddy, Fatestep, Limits, Ziya & Toy. 

Company overview

 Main objects of the company includes:
1- To make money by creating and selling Music.
2- To compose and perform the Business.
3- To create and sell Recorded Music.
4- To run Retail and Online Stores.
5- To conduct Music Related Courses.
6- To Operate Record Labels.
7- To Broadcast Music through Satellite Internet and Broadcast Radio.
8- To Sell and Buy Musical Instruments.
9- Marketing and Distributing Music
10- To run Recording Studios.
11- Music Related Software and Hardware Business.
12- To Publish Music Related News Paper, Magazines and Websites.
13- To present live Music Performances as Booking Agent, Promoter, Music Venues and road crew.
14- To provide Professional Services to Assist Musicians with their Music Carriers via talent Managers, Business Managers and Entertainment Lawyers.
15- To design and Release a line of Symbolic Records, Casual wear, and concert Merchandise, Including Such items as shirts, hats, jackets, t-shirts, Program Posters, buttons, Souvenir’s etc.. 


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